Writer's fantasy is a game in which you play as a simple writer that is trying to develop a story. To help the hero of your story you must solve the word searches, which will create units that defend his castle.


- You can find 3 different words in it: "Knight", "Archer" and "Wizard", the same word can appear multiple times in the word search and some words might not appear at all.

- To select a word just select the first  and last letters.

- To deselect a letter, just click on it again.

- To generate a new word search click on the eraser.

- Each word will generate a unit.

- Knights beat Archers, Archers beat Wizards and Wizards beat Knights.

- You must protect the hero's castle from the hero's enemies, when the health of the hero reaches 0, you lose.

- Use A and D to move the camera.

Team Members

43ther - Game Designer & Programmer

Galo - Artist

Assets Used



Authors43ther, Galo
Made withUnity


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Is that the puzzle map is random generator or you have designed more than 5 maps? Very potential mobile game. I spent several minutes to find the last "Wizard" in this map but I failed. Then I found there is one erase can clean the map. Very helpful idea.Also Very like this pixel art style and Looking forward you can continue to make this game and update later!