A projectile based shooter in which you terraform planets with different types of projectiles, which are affected by the gravitional force from the planets and the sun.


43ther - Game Design & Programming

Grify - Programming

Oliver - Programming

VoidBehemoth - Audio

The Unknown - Art

Galo - Art

xhelyx - Art


Terra Sniper.zip 21 MB

Development log


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hey man it's galo, can you add me on my new discord? i lost my old one.


Very nice Game of simulate gravity force in university. Also your game reminds me of my summer online course "Attraction and repulsion Force"(I have attached the link you can glance it). But that video used P5.js your physics engine used C# perhaps. 

Also I am real like your mini UI elements and the hold the power bar. Very nice user experience. If you can add more repulsion force or other forces inside this game, It would be more places to play. But I can see many potential in this game and in your!

Attached link here~