Launch planets and create your own solar system with perfectly balance orbital cycles.


43ther - Game Design & Programming

xhelyx - Art

avylazyboy - Sound

Nicks Fonts - Font

elnineo - Explosion 


Solar 23 MB


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Very Nice concept of the planet. Close to the theme and I am real curious of the physics engine of the planets attraction. When I pause your game and do another thing, your audio shock me which is not regular cycle. AUDIO is real great. Also Very great attraction in this universe. But It seems hard for me to play so long because I did not find one great degrees to win. But according to this high score game I feel that's great start and Hopes you can continue to expand it. Very nice game.

It's a neat idea, but I found it too difficult to get a clue on what was going to happen, and felt too random. Maybe working on pre displaying trajectories or something like this would make the game more interesing to play!
Also, would love your feedback on my game too. If you can play it, its Life Cycles.



I love the Idea! but I found something that I dont like in it, if a planet touches the "planet to launch" you lose. I would love to see a PvP kind of mode (red and blue plantes for example), each one has to add a planet to the same sun for turns, if you crash your planet in your turn you loose. Thanks for the game!


Thanks for the feedback! The main reason the "planet to launch" to gets destroyed when touching another is to incentivize player movement and add a bit of difficulty. The PvP is not gonna be possible locally because the game uses the mouse, it won't be possible neither trough networking due to the need of maintaining concurrent users. You're welcome and thanks again for the feedback!